How to Check Vons Gift Card Balance

how to check Vons gift card balance online

You can check the balance of the Vons gift card ⭐️ in several simple ways: at the supermarket checkout, online on the official website of the market, in the mobile application (electronic card), by calling the support phone number (hot line).

Check Vons Gift Card Balance Online

The first way is to use the official website of the company. You need a laptop or any other device with internet access.

  • Go to the store's website
  • Log in to your Vons account using your username and password
  • Go to your personal account - sign in

The information is displayed at the current moment and is updated after each purchase. If necessary, you can always replenish the card in any available way.

get balance online

Note! Only customers who have activated the card can find out the status of the account.

Vons E Gift Card Balance

An electronic gift card is available in a mobile application that can be downloaded from the official AppStore and GoogleMarket app stores.

ecard in mobile app

The application is provided free of charge and is suitable for almost all smartphones running android or ios.

After installation, you need to run the program on your smartphone and log in to your account using your username and password. The rest of the amount will be available in real time on the screen of your device.

Check Vons Gift Card Balance by Phone

If there is no access to the Internet, and you need to quickly find out the balance of the gift card, call Vons hotline number 1-877-723-39-29.

The cost of the call is charged according to the established tariff.

To go to the voice support menu, use the prompts of the voice assistant. Enter your phone number associated with your account.The voice assistant will report the balance on the account.

How to Check Vons Gift Card in Store

If you are in a supermarket, then you can find out the balance on your account at the store's checkout after purchase.

Information will be available after payment on the check. Look for it at the bottom of the settlement document.

Also, the cashier can clarify the information before buying. Give him your card or tell him your phone number, which is linked to your account.


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