Vons Check Points - Several Ways

check your vons gas points

There are several ways how to Check Vons Gas Points ⭐️: at the gas station checkout, by phone number, in the online mobile application. Check your balance quickly and don't forget to use the fuel discount.

Check Vons Gas Points Online

You can check the number of points without leaving your home at any time. To do this, the buyer needs any device with access to the Internet.

You must also have an account in the Just For U loyalty program .

  • Follow this link
  • Log in to your personal account account by entering your login and password
  • The screen will display the number of accumulated points

how to sign in

Important! To get a discount on fuel, you must exchange points for rewards!

How to check Vons Gas Points by Phone

The second way to find out the balance of bonuses on the account is to call the support hotline number.

Dial the following phone number on your smartphone - 1-877-723-39-29. Use the voice menu and select «Check bonuses».

The voice assistant will tell you your current balance.

How to Check Vons Gas Points in App

The third way is to use the mobile app. Download and install the application on your smartphone for free on the AppStore and GooglePlay mobile application sites.

After installation, follow these steps:

  • Open the app on your smartphone
  • Login to your account
  • The balance will be displayed on the screen

view your balance in smartphone

Note! Every 100 points can be exchanged for a discount of 10 cents per gallon of fuel.

Check Balance in the Vons Store

The last option to find out the number of bonuses on the account is to check at the checkout of a store or gas station. Give your Vons card or its electronic version to the cashier.

The cashier will scan the reward card and tell you the number of accumulated points.

You can also get information yourself using the electronic terminal of the gas station.Dial your phone number that was used when registering with Just For You.

You can check the information at these gas stations: Vons, Albertsons, SafeWay, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Chevron and Texaco.


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